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Beginning… it all started with Shadwell Grocers, a small grocery shop at Watney Street in 1987. With hard work and dedication, the business grew and expanded into few more shops. But the turning point of the success came when Aklu Miah the second son of Late Nazir Ali wanted to realise his dream of offering quality frozen fish with choices and value for money. This gave birth to iconic Mas Bazar in 2004, at chapman street.  Hassan Miah, youngest son of the family had other ideas and started Kacha Bazar in 2007 to provide Fresh and quality fruits and vegetables. Both Mas Bazar and Kacha Bazar are now an established brands and household names.

But that was only the beginning. The idea was to take the family business into mainstream high street/shopping centres.  This led to opening the superstore Food Bazar and Kacha Bazar International at Becton Retails park. Mas Bazar also expanded and has stores in Whitechapel, Birmingham and Bethnal Green. Other established brands are Meat Bazar, Quality Bites & Quality Sea Food.

Now the business is moving to its highest level and opening the biggest flagship Project Aklu Plaza (formerly Debenhams) in Romford. Aklu Plaza will host the new brand, HOME Superstore, which will boast the largest range of food and household essentials from across the world to cater all customer needs. The first, second, and third floor outlets will exhibit world fashion, furniture, food court and events space. The idea is to bring all big brands under one roof.


Message from the Chairman of
Aklu Plaza

A very big thank you to all our customers and well-wishers for being with us since 1987, when we started Shadwell Grocers. With your continuous support we have successfully established Mas Bazar, Meat Bazar, Kacha Bazar, Noya Bazar, Al-Madina, Food Bazar and many others

I would like to welcome everyone to our new and biggest venture, Aklu Plaza (formerly Debenhams) at the heart of Romford town shopping centre.

Aklu Plaza will host our new flagship brand, HOME Superstore, which will boast the biggest range of food and household essentials from across the world to cater all our customer needs.

The first floor will have food court, café, children playing area and shopping outlets which will range from clothes, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, hair & beauty, money transfer, travel agency and many more.

The second & third floor will accommodate events hall with 500 seating capacity. This will offer wedding functions, birthday parties, awards events, conference & meetings, etc….

We have been striving to give our customers, quality choices and value for money over 30 years. Aklu Plaza will provide numerous choices, value and excellent services under one roof.

Thank you for your continuous support and visit our new flagship store to enjoy a day out and experience the difference. 

Aklu Miah

Chairman, Aklu Plaza

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