Job Position

Dry food Worker


Highly experienced and reliable Grocery Retail worker with an exemplary customer service record. Especially adept at creating innovative and visually attractive food displays. Able to maintain excellent cordial and professional relationships with staff and customers.


  1. Extensive experience in grocery retail
  2. Thorough expertise in supermarkets and retail chains
  3. Superior and detailed grasp of product knowledge
  4. Excellent skills in time management and organization
  5. Strong ability to visually determine grocery product freshness and quality
  6. High skills in following company procedures and directions
  7. Handle all customers courteously and efficiently.
  8. Identify customer needs and make appropriate recommendations.
  9. Check product rotation to remove outdated products.
  10. Ensure accurate labelling and pricing for all products per department directives.
  11. Stock shelves, backup stores, and displays.
  12. Uphold all store cleanliness and safety standards.
  13. Addressed all customer special orders and requests.
  14. Cleaned and coordinated sampling areas on a regular basis.
  15. Ensured cleanliness and functioning of grocery equipment prior to use.
  16. Resolved all customer phone queries.
  17. Assisted with sales report preparation on a bimonthly basis.
  18. Upheld sanitation and health procedures for all completed tasks.

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