Job Position


Responsibilities and Duties:


 The Imam regularly leads the congregational prayer on a daily basis and delivers the

Khutbah for the jummuah prayer as and when required


 The Imam will hold regular public access surgeries for advice and religious guidance.

 Solemnise Islamic marriages according to Al-Ansar Islamic education centre procedures.

 Provide support and guidance to statutory and voluntary community projects


Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the five daily prayers at the Aklu Plaza.
  2. Give the Khutbah and lead prayer for Jumuah. Deliver khutbah relevant to issues affecting Muslims especially the youths
  3. lessons learnt and how to benefit at the time and delivered in English
  4. Lead the Tarawih Prayer in Ramadan (TBC)
  5. Lead Eid Prayers and deliver Khutbah (TBC)
  6. Conduct matrimonial services in accordance with UK and Islamic law and offer pre-marital and marital
  7. counselling and conflict resolution.
  8. Offer Islamic family and youth counselling and guidance as needed.
  9. Provide Quran and Hadith studies, Seerah and Fiqh lessons, and other Islamic topics to increase
  10. knowledge and provide for spiritual growth of community members
  11. Participate in the community activities that further good interfaith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.
  12. Develop and implement educational program for new Muslims.
  13. Develop and implement educational and extracurricular programs for the youth.
  14. Work with management committee on fundraising programs for the community as needed.
  15. Provide consultation to the Committee on religious matters, community issues, and Mosque activities as requested

Visit community events, schools and other institutes representing Mosque on a regular basis.

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