Job Position

Warehouse Worker


Top Duties and Qualifications

A Warehouse Worker, or Warehouse Operative, ensures the safe receipt, storage and dispatch of warehouse goods. Their duties include taking delivery of shipments, checking goods for damage or missing items and storing warehouse goods in an organised manner.

Warehouse Worker duties and responsibilities

The type of duties a Warehouse Worker has depends on their position and the size of the company. Those who work in smaller environments can have a wider scope of duties, which may involve a combination of receiving, packing, handling and shipping tasks. Generally, a Warehouse Worker s’ daily tasks include:

  • Ensuring that all goods that are loaded or unloaded match the relevant paperwork
  • Taking responsibility for a company’s freight and assets by reporting any suspicious activity at work
  • Storing and rotating stock according to established procedures
  • Reporting any damaged or missing goods to Warehouse Managers or Supervisors
  • Keeping the warehouse environment clean and tidy and maintaining equipment
  • Following workplace health and safety rules when handling goods
  • Ensuring efficient operations by adhering to operational procedures, rules and schedules
  • Assisting with warehouse inventory controls, which typically involves using a hand-held scanner
  • Treating merchandise with care and concern at all times

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